About me

My name is Michelle, and I suffer from serious anxiety issues (both social and generalized). I’ve also struggled with bouts of depression in the past.

Obviously, this all makes the world of work a little harder to navigate than for most.

For years I’ve fought against who I am, trying to fit into society and be “normal”. This blog is a record of my choice to stop doing this, to embrace who I am, and maybe even to help some other people along the way.

Topics will include finding a career that works with social anxiety rather than against it, building a lifestyle that maybe isn’t what most people would consider “normal”, plus personal stories of accepting myself and being open with the world about my limitations (and my advantages).

Why “entrepreneur”? I started my first business at around age 7, selling hair braids and friendship bracelets from the back of a caravan parked in our garden. 24 years later not much has changed,  I’m full of weird business ideas and would regret not trying them. Wish me luck!