How using Workflowy as a todo list reduces my anxiety

I’ve been holding off on posting this for a while, both because I’d offered it as a guest post on the Workflowy blog and also because frankly it’s my first video and I was embarrassed.

Well, the guest post was published yesterday so it’s time to get over myself. Here we go:

A few people who’ve seen this have asked for more details on some parts of the system I use, so maybe there are more videos in my future!

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  1. Randy says:

    Michelle, any chance of getting a template of your setup?

  2. tfoz says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing your tips! I really like the idea of tagging with dates for a daily to do list. However, I’d like to ask how much time you spend a day on managing your to-dos? I feel like I could go down a rabbit hole with organizing things and adding tags, etc, and not actually get much work done. Do you set aside a certain amount of time to do it, and then stop, or are you just really used to it and do it quickly at this point?
    Best wishes!!

    • shellbot says:

      I think it’s a bit of both, at this point. I know my system and can update everything quickly, but also find it helpful to sit down for 5-10 minutes once or twice per day and really think about how I’m prioritising tasks. Somehow if a tasks takes longer than expected and throws my other dates off, having to manually update things helps it stick in my head and next time a similar task will get a more realistic time estimate.

      Since the video was made I’ve actually also made a list for “hibernating” projects so I can keep their todo lists filed away there and not look at them, meaning I can focus more on the important stuff and not get so stressed about seeing too many projects all at once.

  3. Luis Lopez says:

    Hi Michelle. Two words…simple & effective. Well…one more…perfect!

    I heard about workflowy on the EntrepreneurOnFire Podcast. I youtubed it to find tutorials and came across your video. It’s exactly what I needed and the simple you created seems to work perfectly for me as well. Would you have any material that goes deeper into your setp y any chance?

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