Top 3 criteria for social anxiety-friendly jobs

Social anxiety-friendly job criteria

First up in any life plan for me right now must be income. I need money, and I need it pretty fast. Not a huge amount of money, you understand, but enough to help out with rent on our new place and hopefully afford the occasional night out with friends.

So I turn to my most common activity, making lists. After my recent phase of self-reflection and trying to understand wtf is “wrong” with me, what are the things I’ve identified that would be needed in a job?

Do need:

1. Potential to work from home

The reasoning behind this is obvious. I would actually like to end up getting out of the house more often, but don’t want to jump in at the deep end. Co-working spaces and the like can wait, for now the life plan needs to include me feeling safe and secure at home.

2. As little human interaction as possible

As in, not even email if I can avoid it. This might sound counter-productive in terms of social anxiety, but bear with me here.

Work is something I need to do in order to earn money and eat and live. This is no place to be mucking around trying to “overcome” anything, when failure could mean no money and no eating and no living.

Outside of work, sure, I have various plans to interact more with humans. At work, I need something that is reliably free of anxiety triggers and won’t come crashing down around me.

One such trigger I’ve recently identified is in doing any sort of custom work for a client. Even if the work is easy, I can all-too-quickly end up in a spiral of nonsensical anxiety, avoiding emails for no apparent reason. Best if we can just cut this risk out altogether, at least at first.

3. No startup costs

For obvious reasons, my disposable income is pretty much non-existent right now. Hopefully that won’t be the case for long, but there’s no way I’m taking out a loan and I have nothing valuable to sell (other than my laptop, but selling that would hurt more than help any efforts to work at home). So no startup costs.

Those are the three main things I need. So what about things that aren’t so important?

Do not need:

1. Potential for creativity

I think a lot of people would go mad with a job that involved no creativity, and was just repetitive grunt work. Not me! I’m a very creative person, but hobbies can be a good outlet so creativity at work is non-essential.

2. Variety

Again something that most people crave, and I do too to a certain extent. But after careful reflection I’ve decided that variety is overall unimportant to me compared with the things in the “do need” list above.

3. High earnings

Yeah, sure, it would be nice! But realistically we don’t need me to be raking in the big bucks, so setting my sights too high might be counter-productive. Something that might start out slow but has good future potential would be perfect.

So that’s it, that’s my list. In future posts I’ll go over a few of the things I’ve been doing for pocket money recently, and which of them really fit the bill for expansion into a “proper business”.

What would your ideal job look like? Does it share any characteristics with mine?

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