Goal: to create an anxiety-friendly life plan

GOAL: Create an anxiety-friendly life plan

You might have noticed the little widget over in the sidebar there. What’s all that about, eh?

Well, simply put, it’s the date I aim to have things sorted out. And it’s only a month and a half away, eek!

Recently my partner made a leap of faith. He quit his well-paying job for one that pays significantly less, but will in theory make him happier. I am all for this; money can buy happiness, but only up to a point.

Anyway, since we live in the middle of nowhere job-wise, his new place is located over an hour’s drive away in the city where I used to live. Since the commute would be awful, and I do nothing but reminisce about living there, we decided to move.

This is where it gets tricky. With his newly diminished salary and the prospect of renting a flat on top of our existing mortgage payments, we need me to be earning more than I currently do. For most people this would mean brushing up their CV and getting to work, but the thought fills me with dread.

I’ve come to understand myself more in recent months. What are the triggers for my anxiety, how can I work around them, the sort of things I really should have figured out years ago.

The upshot is that aiming for an actual good, skilled job that pays well is probably not the best idea for me, at least at first. Instead I need a plan that avoids my worst triggers, while – and this is important – still getting me out of the house and facing those fears that do need to be faced.

My phone phobia might never leave me, but other issues are less serious and may just need to be pushed through. We’ll see.

So what can I do? Well, I haven’t been sitting idly around the house while we’ve lived here. I have Etsy shops, my own small eCommerce site, a tiny income from selling knitting patterns, and more recently a reasonable bit of side money from self-publishing through Amazon.

I need to look at these various ventures (and the myriad ideas I seem to always have for new ones) and see which – if any – could be viable businesses. At the same time I need to be thinking about what part-time employment I could reasonably do without negatively affecting my mental health.

This plan is what needs to be sorted by the countdown deadline. Wish me luck.

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