Anxiety, passive income, and the plan in general

Anxiety, passive income, and the plan in general

My name is Michelle, and I have serious anxiety issues. There, I said it. Publicly on the internet where everyone can see. No going back now.

Welcome to my world, in which the tiniest of interactions with strangers is cause for concern and a trip into town to visit the post office is fraught with danger. Where holding down a regular 9-5 job is not only difficult and terrifying but actually almost impossible. Where direct results of not getting my anxiety under control have included heartbreak and even homelessness.

Well, that stops here.

Over the years I’ve tried many different ways to cope with my anxiety and become “a normal person”. All of these attempts have failed – although everyone is different and I’d like to share my experiences in future posts in case it’s helpful for anyone else.

Now I’m changing the plan. Instead of fighting who I am, I’ll embrace it. Instead of stubbornly willing myself to do things that I know are too difficult, I’ll figure out ways of surviving by using my actual skills.

As I write this, myself and my partner are in the middle of planning a house move from a small town back to the city where I used to live. It’s all very exciting, but it also presents issues.

At first, the plan was for me to use this opportunity to get a “real job”, instead of pottering around at home making things to sell on the internet. That plan has now changed to: find a way to avoid doing that.

I know what you’re thinking. Avoiding your anxiety won’t help, you need to face it head on! Well, we’ll cover that in a future post.

Having already dipped a toe into the world of passive income I can say that without a doubt it is possible for that to make up a significant portion of my required income. Of course, “passive income” is a misleading term as nothing is ever truly passive, but whatever your skills I believe it’s possible to make a living free from your personal anxiety triggers.

I choose to focus my efforts on building a life that suits me, not one that suits society. And that’s final.

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